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The Stamper control allows you to create a dynamic string using a combination of literals and date and time format strings. Format strings must be enclosed within opening and closing curly brackets.

The motivation behind this component is to create dynamic file names since ETL processes often incorporate a timestamp in the name of the file. That being said, this component can be used in other situations where a time-dependent string is desired.


This property is composed of a sequence of string literals and date and time format strings. The format string can consist of one or more custom date and time format strings.


This is the name of the string variable that will hold the result of the evaluated format string. The format string is evaluated at the time of execution of the component and the custom date and time format strings are replaced by the evaluated expressions.

The following examples assume the current time is December 31, 1999 at 11:59:59PM.


Date and time format results are determined by your region and language settings. The accuracy of the formatted result may be subject to limitations or constraints of your hardware, .NET version, or your operating system.

Custom date and time format strings are described more fully on the Microsoft website