IO Kit for SSIS

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Returns whether a file exists.


The method of specifying the directory to search. Available options are Direct, Variable, and Connection.

When specifying the PathType property via expressions, the following enumerated values are used:



The PathValue depends upon the options selected for the PathType property

  • Direct - A string literal representation of the folder (e.g. C:\DataDir)
  • Variable - The name of the variable which holds the location of the directory to search. (e.g. User::ProcessDir)
  • Connection - The name of the connection manager which will specify the location of the directory.


A boolean indicating whether the specified file exists.

  • True - The file exists.
  • False - The file cannot be found.
The File Exists? task may fail to find a file because it does not exist or because the privileges of the user executing the package are insufficient to see the file. The task does not differentiate between the two.